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With God All Things Are Possible

Categories: MatthewTags: 1.4 min read

“The world’s favourite season is the Spring. All things seem possible in May” – Edwin May Teale.

As I read this seasonal quotation I was reminded of a verse in scripture which contains the phrase “…with God all things are possible” – Matthew 19:26.

Both quotations strike a positive note yet, whilst the first hints only at the possibility of something good to come, the bible quote is unambiguous. It proclaims the unequivocal power of God … but what does it mean?

The verse is taken from Matthew’s gospel account of a rich young ruler who strived to live a good life. He came to Jesus to ask what else he should do to gain eternal life. Jesus told the young man to sell his possessions, give to the poor and to follow him. At this the young man left exceedingly sad as he was very wealthy. Jesus told his disciples “truly I tell you it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. The disciples were confused, if this young man couldn’t be saved then who could? Jesus’ response? “With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible.”

Put into context, the phrase “with God all things are possible” is clearly connected to eternal life which, we are told, is impossible for any man to achieve alone. Yet God can take the things that are impossible to man and make them possible because, unlike us, his powers are unlimited. With His Grace freely gifted to each one of us, despite our human failings, we can be reassured that the way to salvation is open to us all.



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