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Welcoming in a New Year

Categories: The BibleTags: 1.1 min read

Happy New Year dear reader.

Well, here we are at the start of another year and probably wondering what it will be like for us? Maybe at the top of your wish list is a resolution to the current Covid-19 problems so that we can get back to normal. The question is, will it ever return to exactly the way it was before? Probably not but no doubt we will adjust….

The dictionary lists six different meanings for the word “resolution” and maybe not too long ago you made one particular of type of resolution… a firm decision sometimes called a “New Years’ Resolution” but let’s really think about it for a moment:

How long did we keep it?
How often have we said it?
Did it have any lasting effect on our lives?
Did we really mean it?
Why not make a different one which can be made any time? “I resolve (Dict – decide firmly on a course of action) to look at the Bible and see what message it has for me”. This type of resolution can change your life forever and God promises to change the world forever. A time is coming when all the world’s problems (and yours) will be resolved.

Please have a look at it now, what are you waiting for? Don’t leave it for another New Year!



Mark 3

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