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Thought for September

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Walking by the river and watching it flow alongside the pathway; (very slow at this time of the year). I saw no sign of there being any fish swimming in the waters. That did not seem to deter several anglers who were sitting gazing hopefully at their floats bobbing in the water. The words that came into my mind were faith and hope. Faith in the sense that they all had spent large sums of money on what appeared to be expensive rods and tackle: Hope, that their time would not be wasted and they would have several nice fish to take home for tea.

Those two words, Faith and Hope seemed familiar to me, where had I seen them before? Yes I hadit, they were in my Bible and after a bit of a search I found them in the letter to Hebrews 11:1, right at the start of the chapter “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen”. However the writer there, was not talking about fish and fishing but about believing that God created this wonderful world in which we live. Something that many today, are trying to rubbish, but with so much evidence for God the designer in the natural world all around us, I am finding their talk of evolution more and more difficult to believe.



Mark 16

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Read Online: AV NIV Mark 16 was read and discussed within the context of previous chapter where Joseph of Arimathea

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