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Thought for October

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It was not a good crossing from France to Portsmouth, the wind had been strengthening and as we cleared the Cotentin, that bit of Normandy that sticks out into the English channel, the boat began to pitch and toss and worse, roll from side to side. I am never a good sailor; and recent crossings had been so wonderful and the sea so flat that I had grown to expect that sort of travel

Huddling down in my seat and trying to think of something other than being seasick even though others were leaving the area rather rapidly, I began to think of all those hardy individuals who actually enjoy a rough sea; those who earn their living on it, catching the fish that we enjoy eating; they have to endure every day what I was finding so really terrible. I began also to remember what I had read about in my Bible, at least three occasions that I could think of when men had been caught in a storm at sea. There was one of those occasions that I remembered so clearly because most of the men in that boat were fishermen and surely no strangers to their particular water, the sea of Galilee in northern Israel. Yet they were afraid this time because the storm was so bad and the waves so fierce that water was washing into the boat faster than they could bail it out. Their very special passenger was fast asleep and although they had not followed him as their leader for very long they knew that he could do wonderful things; and so they woke him saying urgently, “Lord save us, we are perishing”. “Why are you fearful O you of little faith” said their Lord, Jesus. Then he rose from his sleeping place and rebuked the wind and the sea and there was a great calm.

Now our troubled boat did not sail smoothly until we were in the shelter of the Isle of Wight and the fear of sickness began to disappear. But I have, in the following days, thought about what Jesus did and how he was the Lord of even the wind and the waves, and realised that there are other kinds of storms that sometimes blow up in our lives and I know that Jesus will also help us with them if we have what the disciples in that boat on the sea of Galilee lacked; Faith in Jesus as a Saviour.



Mark 1

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Mark’s gospel has been chosen as a starting point for the group and from the very first chapter it was

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