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Thought for May 2016

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When I ended the last small offering on the web site, I mentioned being stuck in a traffic jam; well having travelled a long way today, we found ourselves involved in one of those, an accident ahead had brought all vehicles to a standstill.

Time to think, and something I had been aware of whilst away from home had impressed me, the way people quite willingly and generously share things with others.

The word “share” can mean several things. Having shares in a company, means sharing in the fortunes of that business in the hope that if they do well, they may share some of their profits with you in the form of dividends. Since my childhood I and those about me have insisted on having a “fair” share of what’s available. We were often disappointed! To share what you have with others seems to be one of the best things we humans can do. The money collected through the years for the major charities like Save the Children is truly amazing and it is wonderful to live in a country that has that degree of generosity.

There is however something which is even more wonderful that we can share together, the turmoil of these days we are living in may be beginning to really worry you, well, let us share what we have read in the Bible and be encouraged by the very definite promises that the Lord Jesus gave to all of us, and have confidence that there really is a Great God in heaven who did give his only Son to die for all who would have faith in him; and to return to this earth as a great King.

If you can look in any Bible, just finds the gospel of Matthew at the start of the New Testament and look at chapter 25, especially verses 31 to the end of the chapter. You can find for yourself in these words of Jesus, something that for us it is a real pleasure to share with you. Some real hope for a future that we are sure is now not far away.



Mark 3

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