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Thought for March 2016

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Once again the holiday has come to an end. Most of the bags are packed and standing in the entrance hall waiting to go down to the car early tomorrow morning. The laptop is in its bag so no working on that, and before bedtime there is a space with nothing to do except try out the new Windows programme on my iPad. A curious holiday with more rain than sunshine and a central heating boiler that works sometimes and not others, causing repeated telephone calls to the repair company. Yet, despite the rain and the high winds that caused much damage in the UK, the daffodils are very nearly in bloom and all of the flowering shrubs are full of buds. If only we could stay and see all that beauty and colour, but no, it’s time to go.

Have you ever noticed that many holidays seem to have long periods of waiting. Even worse are those times when, because of unforeseen problems the wait gets extended to almost unbearably lengths. At times like that, the most remarkable thing is that provided they know what the problem is that is causing the delay, people are usually good-natured and even cheerful.

Sitting in a comfortable chair waiting for the time when our journey will begin, a thought came into my mind. As well as our return to the UK there is something far more important that we both have been waiting many years for, the return of Jesus Christ to this earth as King over all peoples. In fact his disciples have been waiting patiently for centuries. When the apostles wrote their letters that we can find in the Bible, they thought he was coming very soon, in their days even. Jesus spoke about his kingdom many times but what excites me is one special promise made by two angels while his first group of disciples were watching him disappear from view into the sky. You can find it for yourself if you have a Bible it’s in the Acts of the Apostles chapter one and verses 9 to 11.

The next time you are stuck in a traffic jam try thinking about that: you can download some Bibles onto your mobile phone.



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