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Thought for June 2017

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Sitting in the sun enjoying a glass of fruit juice I was intrigued by the large terracotta pot in front of me, up and down which a stream of ants were travelling. I have always been amazed by the dedication to their task shown by ants, but what was happening on the surface of this pot was different. On the way up the ants wandered about and looked as though they were searching for something, however, they eventually made it over the lip of the pot and disappeared in among the flower stems. For those coming down it was quite different, they had obviously found what they had come for and descended quickly in a straight line to their nest entrance.

Now I have said before that little events like this so often remind me of things I have read in my Bible. This time my thoughts went to the parable by Jesus, who said that the value of his future kingdom will be like a man who for a long time searched for perfect pearls. One day he found what he was looking for a pearl of such rare perfection that it carried a high price tag. The man did not hesitate, he had searched for many years for a pearl like this, he sold all his possessions and bought it. I have added some bits to Jesus’ parable but if you want to look at it yourself, it is in the gospel of Matthew chapter 13 verses 45 and 46.

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Mark 9

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Read Online: AV NIV Having read Mark chapter 9, we then set about discussing some of the following points. Mark

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