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Thought for February 2017

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So many grey, cold days and all I have done is sit in the warmest room looking out at the garden watching the birds and two squirrels busily going about their lives. But, at last! A day with sunshine and with it, the promise of better times for gardeners just around the corner. Gardening programmes on the TV, the supermarkets getting in on the seed sales business and the car parks in the garden centres filled with cars once again. No matter whether you are lucky enough to have a beautifully planned display garden, just a patch of ground behind your house, an allotment, or just a window box; all are beginning to show small sprouts of green poking up through the soil.

Sitting with a cup of coffee and musing about all this, I remembered something that I wrote over a year ago. I had come across it when reading about Noah, the man in the Bible who with his family and goodness knows how many animals, escaped the waters of a massive flood that destroyed the whole world. Much to my surprise Noah and family (plus animals) were in the giant ark that they built for over a year and when they finally stepped out onto dry ground, everything around them was dead. Well, perhaps some of the plants were just waiting under the soil and some of the trees had once again started growing new leaves. There was a reason for me thinking that I am sure! Oh yes it was the fact that when Noah sent out a dove it flew around and then came back with an olive leaf in its beak.

Why am I telling you this? Well it’s the next bit that I remembered, because when all were safely out of the ark Noah made a sacrifice to God and God made a promise. I found that promise in the book of Genesis in the 22nd verse of chapter 8, it says there “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest and cold and heat and summer and winter and day and night shall not cease”.

So this rolling round of the seasons, year after year will go on and keep going on because it was a promise that God made.

We are so fortunate in our latitude because we don’t suffer the burning heat of the equator or the frozen wastes of the Polar Regions. We can plant and harvest each year and we can enjoy the beauty and the scent of the flowers and the blossom. So when we are sitting in whatever garden we have or before that window box, just remember that we have this pleasure because God made a promise.



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