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Thought for February 2016

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Each morning, woken by the radio and reasonably dressed in slippers and dressing gown, I make my cautious way into the kitchen with two cups of tea as my objective. Filling the kettle requires standing at the sink in front of the large window which for months has just shown the blackness of the night plus a reflection of the room behind me.To my surprise I am just beginning to see details of the garden emerging, as slowly little by little each morning is lighter and the sun emerges just a little earlier.

I have to be honest and admit that this has resulted in another sort of lightening, that of spirit, I have felt a little better, a little more enthusiastic about plans for that garden. Then, as has happened before, the words of a very ancient promise came into my mind, very ancient indeed, because it was the promise that God made to Noah and his family as they stepped out of the ark onto dry ground. That promise was also to the whole of mankind for all time.

I found it in the book of Genesis chapter eight. It reads like this, “And the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground for man’s sake, while the earth remains, seed time and harvest and cold and heat and summer and winter and day and night will not cease”. Today we know that it is thanks to the precision of the distance of the earth from and its exact rotation around the sun, together with the slight tilt and spin of the earth, that the words of that promise are fulfilled!

I must remember that tomorrow as I make those first two cups of tea!



Mark 10

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