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Thought for December 2015

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Sitting on the cross channel ferry which was battling through some serious high waves I looked down at the rough angry sea, grey green with white water tips to the waves from the violence of the wind, and somewhere in the Bible I seemed to remember something about the sea roaring. When I was, to my enormous relief, safely at home and able to check up on that elusive bit of the Bible, I eventually found it in the gospel of Luke where it is part of Jesus’ promise that he will return to the earth as a great King. Jesus said that it would be at a time when the sea and the waves would be roaring and men’s hearts failing them for fear. I found these words the day after the British parliament voted to send war planes against terrorist targets in Syria. It was not hard to realise that this news together with other war scenes that seem to be multiplying around the earth, could mean that the return of The Lord Jesus Christ might be very soon.



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