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The Storms of Life

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In the world in which we live we face lots of challenges and difficulties, with some opportunities along the way.

At the moment, with this pandemic many of us are concerned about keeping safe, where we should go, who we meet, shall we send our children to school etc, etc.

I think it is like being in a boat in a storm with the wind howling and the waves roaring. Sometimes the problems we face go away or we find a solution and the storm subsides. On other occasions, the challenges are such that we don’t know what to do, which way to turn; as though the waves of the storm are so high that water is coming over the sides of the boat.

We find an example of the latter in the gospel records, for example in Luke 8, verses 22 to 25. Jesus and his disciples went into a ship and as they sailed a fierce storm arose. It was so strong that the disciples were frightened. This is quite surprising because several of these men were fishermen, familiar with being on the water in a boat. Interestingly, Jesus fell asleep and knew nothing about this tempest until the disciples woke him up in fear of their lives. Jesus stilled the storm and here is a poignant example of one of the miracles Jesus performed. Normally a storm gradually subsides, but this one stopped immediately. Such was the power that Jesus had.

We know that Jesus is not here physically on this earth just now. After his resurrection, the Bible tells us that he ascended to be with his Father in Heaven. Yet, the Bible is also very clear that Jesus will return to this earth to setup an everlasting kingdom. When Jesus returns he will solve all the problems we see in this world and the world will be at peace. No more storms of life, no more suffering, no more oppression and eventually, no more death. We are all invited to share in this kingdom if we truly believe in Jesus Christ and put our trust and faith in God in our lives now. This also gives us peace of mind, knowing that there is a solution to all the trouble and turmoil around us.

There is also another wonderful benefit. The Bible tells us that for those who believe in Jesus, he is a high priest, who pleads our cause in heaven. Therefore, we can pray to God through Jesus, knowing that Jesus will be that go between and will seek his Father on our behalf. We can ask for help in the challenges we face today, but we must be aware that God may decide to say yes or no or wait.

The Bible gives us promises, certainty and hope. We will be delighted to help you in your reading of this wonderful book if you get in touch with us.



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