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The Rainbow’s Promise

Categories: Genesis, The BibleTags: , 1.1 min read

It has been a week of sunshine and rain. Not an unusual combination for this time of year but one that brings with it the most majestic of meteorological phenomenon’s – the rainbow. I’m certain there are few that don’t stop what they are doing and gaze in wonder when they are blessed to witness that colourful arc in the sky.

The rainbow has undoubtedly become a significant feature of the year 2020. Early in lockdown, as schools closed and the nations of the world grappled with a devastating pandemic, children started placing painted rainbows in windows. In the midst of anxiety and confusion those colourful motifs came to represent the spirit of community – love, trust, healing, unity and hope.

It’s a fitting emblem for the hope of a brighter time when the pandemic storm has passed. After the Great Floor, God instituted the rainbow as a sign of his promise to never again deluge the whole earth with water, a beautiful reminder of His protection, His mercy and His faithfulness. Just as Noah and his family could then look upon that majestic meteorological phenomenon and be reminded of the security they had in God, so can we.

The rainbow is indeed a radiant and welcome reminder of God’s amazing grace and unfailing love. How blessed we are to rest in that knowledge.



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