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Categories: Ruth1.9 min read

As I sit looking out on my garden, I see tiny patches of colour. When I go outside into the garden and can look closer and really see what is happening I find small plants struggling to hold on to their places in the flower bed, often held back by other bigger plants that I should have cut back months ago.

When I think about it, what is happening in my garden is what is happening to many, here in the UK.  Struggling to survive; sometimes against things that just make our lives difficult, often almost impossible.

But I know that there is help at hand and think for example about a young girl who I found in the pages of my Bible in a book that is called by her name ‘Ruth’.

She lived in a place called Moab, today we know it as Jordan. She had lost her husband as also her mother in law had, both had died not long after fleeing Israel where there was a famine. The family had lost the father and the two sons and in desperation the mother in law decided to return to Israel where things were improving. Although one of the daughters turned back home, Ruth made the decision to follow her Mother in law Naomi to Israel, a new country speaking a different language and with different customs.

It’s very lovely that the Bible shows always just how difficult many people’s lives were in those days. We see struggles, we see mistakes, and sometimes success stories. It was like that with Ruth, she had in her life many trials but stuck to her determination to follow Naomi, worship her God and share her hardship.

Her hard work and honesty impressed those she came into contact with and she was allowed to gather the dropped grain from the fields of the man who ultimately became her new husband. They had a son who the Bible tells us was the ancestor of the family of Jesus Christ.

That provides real significance to this short history because we can see that out of struggle and real difficulties came the one born to be the saviour of all in this world who believe that he was the Son of God, and put their trust in him



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