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Categories: Isaiah, Revelation, The Bible0.8 min read

What a lovely time of year this is. Everywhere full of spring flowers, birds singing with all their might, and if you are out in the countryside everything would seem right in the world.  Unfortunately, experts tell us that global warming is melting the polar ice, industrialisation has stolen the earth’s natural resources and bi-products and waste have polluted the earth. We have caused the extinction of many species of animals and birds. No agreement can be reached on the solution.

HOPELESS?  NO!  If you think God is going to allow man to destroy his creation; think again.

Isaiah in his prophecy, in Chapter 45 Verse 18 says “God did not create the world to be empty but formed it to be inhabited” and in Revelation 21 “I create a new heavens and a new earth for the former things have passed away”.  God’s plan fills us with hope not doom and gloom! Read all about it in the Bible.



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