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Categories: Acts, JohnTags: 2.5 min read

Do you think there is a God? I think there are 3 possible answers – yes, no and not sure. Whatever you think, please keep reading and we’ll return to that question shortly. Let’s assume for the moment that there is a God and His message is in the Bible.

There are some really lovely phrases in the Bible and I would like us to think about one of them. In Acts chapter 17 there is a record of the Apostle Paul at the city of Athens. It was a city where there were a lot of superstitions, worship of idols and much debate. When Paul arrived there he saw several places to worship a whole range of idols and, to make sure that they had not missed one, they had a place ‘to the unknown god’. Paul spoke and he said he was going to talk about this unknown god, who was in fact the only real God. If you want to read all he said have a look at Acts 17 verses 22 to 32

In his speech he said something that I think is truly wonderful and very touching. Paul said that God is not far from every one of us. God wants us to seek Him and get to know Him.

Let us not forget that in this same section in Acts 17 it tells us that this is the God who created everything and who gives to all mankind life and breath and everything. Elsewhere in the Bible, we are told that God is all powerful and He has a plan to setup a kingdom on this earth, with Jesus as king and where there will be peace, no more pain or suffering.

How moving then that He wants you and me to have a relationship with Him now and it is His pleasure to give us a place in that kingdom. This is why God is not far from you and me; and he really wants us to get to know Him.

It was so important to God that the Bible states this in John chapter 3 verse 16 – God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life (in that kingdom).

I think this is truly remarkable – God wants you and me to seek Him. If you would like to know more about this, please read your Bibles and, if you need to talk to someone, just get in touch through this website.

We return to the question we asked at the start. If there is no God, there is no purpose to our life, no hope for the future and we rely on man to sort out all the world’s problems. If there is no God, we rely on everything happening by chance. Yet the Bible reveals God – that there was a clear plan in the beginning, there is certainty now and hope for the future. Don’t you think it is worth exploring.



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