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This section is dedicated to short, inspirational or thought-provoking material created by our Christadelphian community members based in Petersfield.

805, 2024

Questions Questions!

May 8, 2024|Categories: The Bible, Timothy|

We live in a very troubled world. As we look around, we see so much violence and suffering for so many people. We ask the question why and is there any solution? Let’s make the questions more personal and please have a think about these questions…. · Where did I come from – my origins and my past? · Why am I here and what is my present purpose? · Where am I

805, 2024


May 8, 2024|Categories: Isaiah, Revelation, The Bible|

What a lovely time of year this is. Everywhere full of spring flowers, birds singing with all their might, and if you are out in the countryside everything would seem right in the world.  Unfortunately, experts tell us that global warming is melting the polar ice, industrialisation has stolen the earth’s natural resources and bi-products and waste have polluted the earth. We have caused the extinction of many species of animals and birds.

805, 2024


May 8, 2024|Categories: Ruth|

As I sit looking out on my garden, I see tiny patches of colour. When I go outside into the garden and can look closer and really see what is happening I find small plants struggling to hold on to their places in the flower bed, often held back by other bigger plants that I should have cut back months ago. When I think about it, what is happening in my garden is

2901, 2024

Mark 1

January 29, 2024|Categories: Mark|Tags: |

Mark’s gospel has been chosen as a starting point for the group and from the very first chapter it was very clear that from the pen of this writer, events moved very swiftly; we met John Baptist and his advance preaching work waiting for his cousin Jesus to arrive on the scene, when he did he was baptised by John, immediately sent into the wilderness where his new powers, gained at his baptism,

2901, 2024

Mark 2

January 29, 2024|Categories: Mark|Tags: |

Read Online: AV NIVIt was good to be back at the Bible reading group on Tuesday for the second meeting. There were eight of us there, reading the 2nd chapter of Mark’s gospel; some lively discussion followed. It was interesting to look at this chapter without referring to the rest of the Bible. As the group is in its infancy we could only refer back to Mark Chapter 1! Somebody said they were

2901, 2024

Mark 3

January 29, 2024|Categories: Mark|Tags: |

Read Online: AV NIV This was the third session reading from Mark’s Gospel and apart from Chapter 3 itself, we were able also to look back at the previous two chapters. There was discussion on how often Jesus went into the Synagogues, not only to preach but also to heal and this happened often on a Sabbath. It seems he did this deliberately to provoke discussion and thus be able to teach the



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