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Mark 9

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Read Online: AV NIV

Having read Mark chapter 9, we then set about discussing some of the following points.

  • Mark 9:1, some wouldn’t taste death before they saw the kingdom of God come with power.
  • Mark 9:2-8, Jesus’ was transfigured. This was a taste of the Kingdom, and Jesus, Peter, James and John Experienced it.
  • Mark 9:9-10 Jesus instructed Peter, James and John not to talk about what they’d seen until Jesus rose from the dead.
  • Mark 9:11-13, the three disciples asked Jesus why the scribes said Elijah would come first. We couldn’t refer to the life of Elijah so the question has been noted until Elijah is referred to again.
  • Mark 9:10-11, Mark 9:30-32, Jesus tried to prepare the disciples for his death and resurrection.
  • Mark 9:14, the scribes argued with the disciples who couldn’t heal the epileptic.
  • Mark 9:15-27, We see Jesus’ human feelings expressed as he heals the epileptic. Although the condition is called a dumb spirit, in the 21st century we realise the symptoms are those of epilepsy
  • Mark 9:28-29, why couldn’t the disciples heal him? Jesus said prayer was necessary (Mark 9:29). Caught in the argument with the scribes and the disturbing nature of the boy’s illness, did the disciples loose faith? Was it the father’s lack of faith? When Jesus came on the scene, the father showed great humility (Mark 9:24).
  • Mark 9:33-35, the disciples argue over who is greatest. Jesus reprimanded them.
  • Mark 9:36-37, Mark 9:42, Jesus uses the example of a child to show how we should be towards others.
  • Mark 9:38-41, the disciples were concerned that others were healing in Jesus’ name. Once again Jesus reprimands them. If they healed in his name, they aren’t going to speak evil of him.
  • Mark 9:42-59, “Whoever causes one of these little ones to sin.” – he was still talking about those healing in his name. Look back at what he said in Mark 9:36-37, about the little child.
  • Mark 9:43-49, cutting off those parts of us that cause us to sin.
  • Mark 9:50, salt.

Mark 9:43-50 weren’t discussed and may be referred to next time. Please come along and enjoy discovering the truth with us.



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