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Mark 5

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Read Online: AV NIV

What a joy it is to sit down with others and read the Bible. If you would like to enjoy the experience of reading the Bible with us, please join us next time, you will be very welcome.

Last time, we left Jesus and his disciples travelling across the Sea of Galilee. After the terrifying experience in the boat Mark 4:35-41, they reached the region of the Gerasenes. Here they were met by an extremely disturbed man with an evil (AV translates as unclean) spirit. He lived among the tombs and was too strong to be restrained; he would cry out and sometimes harmed himself. Mark 5:1-5

The man recognised Jesus as the Son of the Most High God and begged him not to torture him. He didn’t want the demons to be just cast out, but pleaded with Jesus to send them into the pigs. Someone suggested that Jesus allowed this because the man needed reassurance and with that reassurance he could have faith that Jesus would heal him, so the pigs rushed into the sea and were drowned. Mark 5:6-14 the man was healed, released from torment and sat, fully clothed and “in his right mind” Mark 5:15.

After this Jesus healed two other people, a woman who had been haemorrhaging for twelve years and had the faith that if she could just touch Jesus she would be healed. We noted she felt well immediately (Mark 5:29) and Jesus felt power go out of him (Mark 5:30). It appeared that Jesus needed to know who he had healed, and the woman fell at his feet and, “… trembling with fear, told the whole truth.” (Mark 5:33) It was the woman’s faith that had healed her.

Meanwhile, the message that Jiarus’s daughter had died, reached them. Jesus left the crowd, taking only Peter, James and John. The mourners at the house were told to leave. Jesus said that the child was not dead, but sleeping! He took the girl’s parents into the room where the she lay and took her by the hand and asked her to get up. “Immediately the girl stood up and walked around” (Mark 5:42) the parents were astonished but Jesus ordered them not to talk about it. There was a discussion about why Jesus wanted the man at the beginning of the chapter to tell everyone what had happened, but these people had to keep quiet. It was suggested that the condition the man was in was known about and that his healing was a living example of Jesus’ power. The crowd was already pressing on Jesus as he walked about, the news spread quickly enough on that side of Galilee

Jesus healed three very different people from very different illnesses. The people had to have faith in Jesus’ power to heal; the healing was immediate and complete.

We saw Jesus’ humanity when he told the parents to give the girl something to eat.



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