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Mark 3

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Read Online: AV NIV

This was the third session reading from Mark’s Gospel and apart from Chapter 3 itself, we were able also to look back at the previous two chapters.

There was discussion on how often Jesus went into the Synagogues, not only to preach but also to heal and this happened often on a Sabbath. It seems he did this deliberately to provoke discussion and thus be able to teach the people and their leaders about what the essence of the law was and how to apply it in the way it was really intended.

Jesus, despite being the son of God (see previous comments), also shows his human nature here when it says in Mark 3:5 that he was angered at the callousness of the people around him (presumably mainly the leaders).

The Pharisees and teachers of the law are keen to catch him out and even wanting to destroy him rather than to actually listen to Jesus’ message!

In Mark 3:14 we saw Jesus choosing his twelve disciples. He then is accused by the scribes that he is healing people (also from unclean spirits) and casting out demons (two aspects that may need re-visiting in future when we have more information, as we are only referencing Mark 1-3) by the power of Beelzebub (apparently a pagan idol). We already know from chapter 1 that the Holy Spirit had descended on Jesus. His response in Mark 3:23-30 to the allegation above, apart from being illogical, also indicates that it is by the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus is able to heal and to perform miracles.

Finally he makes a strong and perhaps unpalatable point that worldly family ties are not as important as it is to do God’s will and strive to belong to His family.



Mark 16

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Read Online: AV NIV Mark 16 was read and discussed within the context of previous chapter where Joseph of Arimathea

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