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Mark 2

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Read Online: AV NIVIt was good to be back at the Bible reading group on Tuesday for the second meeting. There were eight of us there, reading the 2nd chapter of Mark’s gospel; some lively discussion followed.

It was interesting to look at this chapter without referring to the rest of the Bible. As the group is in its infancy we could only refer back to Mark Chapter 1!

Somebody said they were puzzled by the last two verses, “The Sabbath was not made for man but man for the Sabbath. So the son of man is lord even of the Sabbath”.

Was the son of man referred to earlier in Mark? Yes, in verse 10. To get the context we read from verse 8 to verse 12 and it was clear that Mark was referring to Jesus.

Mark doesn’t begin his gospel with the birth of Jesus, but we have, amongst other things, already established that

  • Mark 1:1 Jesus Christ is the son of God.
  • Mark 1:9 He came from Nazareth and was baptised by John.
  • Mark 1:10 The Spirit descended on him… His Father declared that He loved him and was “well pleased” with him
  • There are several allusions to his authority
  • Mark 2:8 Jesus knew what was in peoples’ hearts
  • He had the power to heal and authority to forgive sins
  • The people were enthralled by the way he taught
  • Although he was the Son of God, he was also the son of man
  • Mark 2:17 he came not to call righteous but sinners

Much more was discussed, but to experience the pleasure of sharing this wonderful book, you really have to be there.



Mark 7

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Read Online: AV NIVThis is a really interesting way of studying the Bible. The group accepts the Bible as the word

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