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Mark 13

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There were eight of us reading our Bibles this week. We took turns to read, but nobody has to read if they’d rather listen to the rest of the group.

In Mark 13:1-2 we read that one of the disciples admired the temple as they left it. Jesus prophesied its destruction.

The rest of the chapter records that Jesus sat down with Peter, James, John and Andrew and told them what would happen to Jerusalem in the future.

In Mark 13:5-6, Jesus warns them to be on their guard as imposters would claim to be Jesus.

Mark 13:7-8 tells of wars and earthquakes, but Jesus reassures them that these things must happen.

Mark 13:9-11 warn the disciples that they would suffer persecution but that they mustn’t worry about what to say, they would be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Dreadful things would happen before the destruction of the temple and History records that Jesus’ prophesy came to pass.

The prophesy concludes at Mark 13:23 with Jesus’ advice “Be on your guard, I have told you in good time.” (NIV)

The rest of the chapter records Jesus Prophesy about his return to the earth. We couldn’t answer questions about Mark 13:24-25, it would be necessary to look in other parts of the Bible.

We know that Jesus referred to himself as the son of man, so Mark 13:26 is clear. Mark 13:27 tells us that the elect (whoever they my be,) will be gathered together. As Jesus hasn’t yet returned to the earth we agreed that the rest of the chapter must be addressing Christians in the times that the events took place.

The parable in Mark 13:28, about the fig tree, illustrated how the seasons could be predicted by signs in nature. It didn’t appear to be connected with the fig tree that withered in chapter 11.

A note the bottom of the page in the NIV says generation could mean race. So we deduced that Mark 13:30 could read “….this nation will certainly not pass away until…”

Mark 13:32-35 are to help us realise that nobody can tell exactly when Jesus is coming back. He tells a parable to illustrate this and ends the discussion with a warning that we must watch for signs of Jesus’ return.



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