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Mark 1

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Mark’s gospel has been chosen as a starting point for the group and from the very first chapter it was very clear that from the pen of this writer, events moved very swiftly; we met John Baptist and his advance preaching work waiting for his cousin Jesus to arrive on the scene, when he did he was baptised by John, immediately sent into the wilderness where his new powers, gained at his baptism, were severely tested. The narrative then took us to his choice of disciples, his first miracles and some early ideas of what he had come to teach. As expected there were some unanswered questions which future evenings may reveal the answers to, but it was interesting to see that other questions were answered within the chapter.



Mark 14

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Read Online: AV NIV Mark 14 was read and discussed within the context of previous chapters where the religious leaders

Mark 6

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Read Online: AV NIV In the beginning of Chapter Six we see Jesus returning to the area where he had

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