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I Believe that Jesus placed…

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…responsibility upon all his disciples through the ages to preach the gospel

My first ecclesia was very small, not many young people, no Sunday school, so I learned about the gospel and the broader details of the purpose of God with this world of people, by post from a wonderful lady lying in bed in what was then our only Christadelphian Home. I never realised that she suffered from MS until many years later when I had the privilege of visiting her.

I grew up learning about the gospel and eventually was baptised not so many years after that exhilarating time when the state of Israel was formed. Always during that time the ecclesia placed adverts in the local newspaper and this did bring a surprising amount of response for many came to listen to the Word of God being explained and many were baptised. So I started my Christadelphian life with the knowledge that if you peach there are those who will listen and respond to the call of Jesus.

Some years later at another ecclesia on the south coast, I helped to organise a special event for young people and we invited a speaker from the Bristol area who had a lot of experience with talking to young people. We gave him the subject taken from Paul’s first letter to the Corinth church first chapter verse 21. Let me read it to you.

What that speaker had to say stayed with me until now. The world around us may mock at those who go out to carry Jesus’ message but that preaching is the only route available for mankind to find salvation. I learned another set of verses that day that really woke me up and if I try to preach today it is because of this reason Romans 10/13 to 15



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