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I believe in a supreme God…

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…the Creator of this Earth and all its creatures; especially mankind.

During our study and discussion this week we looked at what the Bible tells us about God and how it describes his character, power and creative purpose.
Genesis 1 provides us with a logical explanation of the way that life was set up on the earth. It shows the creative power of God in setting up a natural system that works in perfect harmony. The prophet Jeremiah acknowledges God as the Creator in Jeremiah 32:17 and reminds us that, with God, nothing is impossible.

The Bible has many references to the wonders of God’s creation and the position of mankind within this creation. In Psalm 8:3-8 King David acknowledges God as the Creator and reminds us that we have been given the responsibility of caring for the world and all that is in it. In Job 12:7-10 we are told that both animal and human life reflect God’s creative power. God’s glory is also shown through the wonders of the universe which he created as declared in Psalm 19 v1-4 and Psalm 148:7-10.
In Isaiah 42:5-6 the Israelites are reminded that they have been chosen to show God’s creative power and righteousness to the world. They are also told that there is no being greater than God in Deuteronomy 4:32 and, that this creator God has given clear guidelines on how people should live their lives in Deuteronomy 6:4-6.
The Bible shows us that God has worked through many people in order to carry out his plan and purpose with the world. Isaiah declared that Cyrus, the Persian king who captured Babylon in 539BC, was chosen by God to be king and to allow the exiled Jews to return to Jerusalem. In Isaiah 45:1-8 and in Daniel 4 v24-25 we are reminded that God rules over the kingdoms of mankind.

God revealed his character through Moses in Exodus 34:6-7 and we are reminded in Romans 1:20-25 that God is a righteous creator who cares for his creation, unlike mankind who can be destructive. If we measure ourselves by human standards we will be confused because there are many, but with God, we have one set of standards to live by and one supreme God to worship who is the Creator of this Earth and all its creatures; especially mankind.



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