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Genesis: Chapter 8

Categories: GenesisTags: 1.4 min read

Last time we left Noah and his family in the ark having been saved by God because Noah had found grace in the eyes of the Lord. (ch 6:8)

Chapter 8 opens with God remembering Noah’s family and all the creatures in the ark. The waters subsided.

We read how the waters continued to abate and that with the ark perched among the mountain-tops, Noah sent a raven and dove out to gauge the levels of water. The raven just flew around but eventually the dove flew out and didn’t return. She was presumably able to fend for herself.

It seems that God left Noah to work out the state of the waters until in verse 15, He told Noah to leave the ark and let all the creatures go.

Verse 20 tells us that Noah offered animals and birds on an altar he’d built.

In verse 21 we read that God smelled the sacrifice and He said in His heart that he wouldn’t ever curse the land for man’s sake. Although the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth, yet God would never again destroy all flesh.

The chapter concludes with a promise that while the earth remains, the seasons will continue.

Somebody commented that Noah and his family were in the ark for a year. Chapter 7:6 says that Noah was six hundred years old when he entered the ark and verse 13 of chapter 8 reads that he it was in his six hundred and first year that Noah saw the ground was dry. Although we read at the beginning of that chapter that God remembered Noah, it wasn’t until the waters had dried up that He spoke to Noah.



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