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Genesis: Chapter 7

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We recalled that in Genesis 6:22 Noah did everything that God had asked him to do in preparation for the flood. Now, in Genesis 7:1 Noah is invited, by God, to go into the safety of the ark with all his family because he has shown himself to be a righteous man.

We talked about ways in which God may have brought the wide variety of animals and birds to Noah. Genesis 7:2 – 3 shows that God had planned to save all these creatures, some for continuation of the species and some, those considered clean, to be used for sacrifice.
Noah, his family and all the creatures had to wait for seven days before the flood waters began to encroach across all the earth (Genesis 7:4 -10). They had never seen rain up until this point so it must have been a real test of faith to wait another week before it rained after 100 years of preparation.

We talked about the way in which the flood came upon the earth. Genesis 7:11 shows that water came from under the earth as well as from a deluge of rain. This may have been accompanied by geological catastrophe causing rivers to overflow and underground streams to break out.

We are told in Genesis 7:12 that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. Forty is a number that is associated with testing and purification. It was suggested that there are a number of ways in which people in the Bible have been tested for a period of time relating to the number 40, both in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Genesis 7:13 – 16 reminds us again that it was by God’s mercy that Noah, his family and all the creatures were saved from the flood. They trusted in God and went into the ark but it was God who shut them in and saved them. We discussed the fact that Noah did not have to shut anyone out of the ark. They had ignored God’s message which had been preached by Noah for 100 years so they lost the opportunity to be shut in to the ark safely with Noah and his family.

A description of the extent of the flood is given in Genesis 7:17 – 20. The hills and mountains were covered and all dry land disappeared. We talked about the way in which the ark was guided by God safely across the water. If Noah and his family had not trusted in God it would have been a truly frightening experience.

We are told that ‘all in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died’ (Genesis 7:22). We commented on the fact that creatures that lived in the water had no need of the safety of the ark, only those who relied on the dry land and the plants and trees for their very existence.

The flood was upon the earth for 150 days which was a long time for all the animals to be kept in the confined space of the ark. We talked about the suggestion that it was quite possible that God put all the animals into a period of hibernation until it was safe for them to be released. Noah trusted in God that all who were in the ark would be kept safe from harm.



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