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Genesis: Chapter 6

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This week we looked at Genesis chapter 6 and talked about the things that were happening on the earth prior to the flood.

In Genesis 6:1-2 we are told that ‘the sons of God’ began to marry outside of God’s family, and into the world. The sons of God were apparently choosing to marry ‘the daughters of men’, who ‘were fair’.

In Genesis 6:3 it says that God shortened the lifespan of people; it was suggested that this may have been because, in a life of 800 years (which was typical at this time), people would have had a lot time in which to ‘marry the daughters of men. It was remarked that the phrase ‘sons of God’ may refer to those who were descended from Seth, whilst the sons of men may have been descended from Cain. However, this may not have necessarily been the case as the phrase could also refer to those who were faithful to God whilst the phrase ‘daughters of men’ might refer to those who were not. We also talked about the parallels between this account, and that of the sin of Eve; both the sons of men and Eve saw something which became a temptation to them, and caused them to sin by going against the will of God.

A reference to ‘giants’ is made in Genesis 6:4 and we discussed the possibility that a race of tall human beings may have descended from Cain.

We read that the thoughts of mankind were continually evil in Genesis 6:5. The situation at that time must have been absolutely dreadful; worse than that of today. Even so, as was pointed out, not only were the very few faithful ones saved, but those who were wicked were also given the opportunity to repent. The news of Noah and his ark would undoubtedly have spread across the land, and Noah would surely have informed those who asked of the reasons why he was building it. The instructions regarding the construction and function of the ark are detailed in Genesis 6:14 onwards. It was pointed out that in Genesis 6:8 is the first mention of ‘grace’ in the Bible. The opportunity given to the inhabitants of the Earth to repent and be saved shows God’s grace towards mankind.

We are told in Genesis 6:9 that Noah ‘walked with God’, and we were reminded that this is something which is also said of Enoch in Genesis 5:22.

We are told in Genesis 6:11 – 13 that not only were the thoughts of the people continually evil, but that the earth was ‘filled with violence.’ It was pointed out that at this time, everything was no longer ‘very good’, as it had been when God had created the world (Genesis 1:31). We can begin to understand why it was necessary for God to flood the Earth. We also discussed the possibility that ‘earth’ in Genesis 6:13 could refer to the region which was then inhabited by humans, and not necessarily the entire planet (the Hebrew word in this case may refer to either).

We read about the dimensions of the ark built by Noah and his family (Genesis 6:14 – 16) and talked about an interesting project, in which someone constructed a model ark, and demonstrated that a boat of such dimensions would float.

In Genesis 6:18 is the first mention of ‘covenant’ in the Bible. This is a theme which is repeated throughout the Bible where God makes promises to his people and requires certain conduct from them in return. Noah must indeed have ‘walked with God’.



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