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Genesis: Chapter 11

Categories: GenesisTags: 1.2 min read

The chapter is divided into two parts. Verses 1-9 give us information about how society developed after the flood.

Verses 10-32 lists the genealogy of Shem through to Abram.

The whole of humanity had one language. The people settled in the land of Shinar, later to be known as Babylon in Mesopotamia.

Verses 3-4records that they decided to build a city with a tower. The reason for the tower was that they could see it and go back to it. (Verse 4 “Lest we be scattered”) But God had commanded Noah in Chapter 9 verse 1 that they should fill the earth.

Back in Chapter 11 and verses 5-8 that God saw that because they all spoke the same language, they wanted to stay close together rather than doing what God wanted them to do. So God confused their language so they didn’t understand one another. Verse 9 concludes the matter. The city the people built was called Babel because god confused their language and He scattered them over the face of the earth.

Shem’s family tree is recorded next. In the final verses of the chapter, we see Abram Leaving Ur with his father his wife and his nephew and settling at Haran a town at the North of the area we now know as Israel. And so the scene is set for the early days of God’s chosen people.



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