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Genesis 14

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This evening we enjoyed reading the Word of God once more as a group. We welcomed two newcomers and hope to see them again next time. They contributed to the lively discussion and everyone appeared to appreciate the time spent at Winton House learning more about God’s message to all who are willing to read it.

The first twelve verses talk of tribal warfare in the area surrounding the salt sea (now known as the Dead sea). After one of the skirmishes, Lot, Abram’s nephew, (Genesis 13 v 5 – 11) who was living in Sodom, was taken hostage along with men, women and goods.

When Abram heard about this, he prepared three hundred and eighteen of his servants who were already trained to fight. They pursued the men and brought Lot back. We read in verses 15 and 16 that they also rescued men and women who had been captured, and seized the goods that had been taken.

Verse eighteen tells of an encounter between Abram and Melchizedek who was described as the priest of God Most High. He brought Abraham bread and wine, and blessed him. We were fascinated verses nineteen and twenty. The priest, Melchizedek is not mentioned before in Genesis, he turns up out of the blue and blesses Abram, then blesses The God Most High who delivered Abram’s enemies into his hands. The only other information we are given here is that Abram gave Melchizedek tithes. Then this priest seems to go as suddenly as he came.

The King of Sodom wanted to Abram to have the goods that were taken in battle. Abram refused to take anything because he didn’t want to be beholden to the man. Verse twenty-four indicates that Abram was fair to his servants, allowing them to receive what was their due from the King of Sodom.

It was noted that this is the first time a priest of God is mentioned in the Bible. Also, the giving of tithes hasn’t been referred to before.



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