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February – Find Fresh Answers in the Bible

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February is an interesting month. For starters it usually has twenty-eight days and this means that each day of the week occurs exactly four times; there will be just four Fridays, four Saturdays, four Sundays and so on. For this reason, some people consider February to be very lucky. Mind you, some people consider other months to be luckier – depending on your star-sign.

In our very modern world, horoscopes and predictions about our lives based on star signs are still very popular. Recent surveys suggest that at least twenty-five percent of adults in the UK believe that horoscopes can help them in their lives by giving guidance about what is likely to happen and advice based on that. What is really surprising is that amongst millennials, this belief is growing. It is thought that millennials are more open to new ways of looking at the world as the old certainties based on hard facts and on a scientific approach to problems do not appear to have made the world a better place.

It is very understandable that we should want to have some reassurance about the future and guidance in our lives and also that we should want to find a real reason to believe that the world will be better in the future. Perhaps therefore it is time for a fresh look at the Bible. This profound book has stood the test of time, it has provided reassurance and guidance for hundreds of years and it contains promises of a better future for this earth and for those living on it.

Whether you are a millennial or whether you are older and still looking for answers, why not take up the opportunity to get to grips with the Bible, its claims and its message, by enrolling on the new Learn to Read the Bible Effectively course, which starts this month in Waterlooville.

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