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Categories: The BibleTags: , 1 min read

The tree that overhangs our garden on the right hand side, has been especially colourful this autumn and, together with other trees that surround us, has given us much pleasure. However, I was sitting in my chair gazing out at the garden one afternoon when I believe that I saw the very first leaf drop from its tiny twigs; it made me think that however beautiful many thing are, there is a time for them to end.

Of course that tree is not dead, if I looked very carefully at those bare twigs now a few weeks later, I would see that they are full of buds that will burst once more into leaf next spring when the time is right. That made me think that people also have an end, just like those leaves, and were it not for the death and resurrection of Jesus the Son of God, they would vanish away, also, like those leaves.

That resurrection of Jesus and the Gospel that he preached was a powerful promise to all who are his disciples of any age in history, that there will be a resurrection for them when Jesus returns to this earth as King over all its nations.




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