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August – Don’t worry about a thing………..

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We live in a garden of birds from the giant crows, magpies and pigeons, to the tiniest of them, the wren and the long tailed tits, the robins and an assortment of finches that we don’t have the knowledge to identify. Clearly many of the garden owners in our neighbourhood are generous with the providing of food and this year we have joined in with a purpose built bird-feeding column. The fat-ball holder takes four balls and earlier in the year hung unvisited for weeks on end; however since May we are having to invest in a fresh pack of four each week because the big-feeders have moved in. First it was the starlings, squabbling and fighting for position, but then two bigger birds arrived, and once I had found my binoculars, we could see that these were very special visitors. Research on the internet showed us that they were Greater Spotted Woodpeckers. No wonder that the fat balls are vanishing so fast.

I have worried about the wisdom of providing such a wealth of food for these birds. What would happen if none of us did this? Would the birds starve, or would they just have smaller families?

As on previous occasions when I have been driven to sit down and write these short paragraphs, my Bible has come to my aid. I remembered that there was something about birds in the teachings of Jesus and after looking, I found it in the gospel of Matthew chapter 6 verses 25 to 32. Jesus does say that God looks after the birds but his teaching concerns much more than that, for he also says in that verse 32 “Seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all the things you worry your head about will be provided for you”. I have use our modern speech but you can read the words for yourselves if you find your Bible. The same important message is also found in the gospel of Luke chapter 12, but I will let you search for it and make your own mind up about its importance.



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