Without doubt, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has done much to change peoples’ view of the Bible. Before the theory was developed, most people believed that the Bible was the word of God. After the publication of ‘The Origin of Species..’ many people lost faith in the Bible. Instead of reading it for themselves, they accepted what unbelievers told them about it, especially that it was just a collection of Jewish fables.

Today however, about 140 years later, many are recognising the reliability of the Bible and turning back to it. In this leaflet we hope to show you some of the evidence that has brought about this return to the Bible in the hope that you’ll examine it for yourself.

One type of evidence comes from archaeology; over the past century this has shown that the Bible contains an extraordinarily accurate historical record and so cannot be regarded as a collection of fables any longer. Over the same period of time, science has taught us so much about the intricacies of living creatures that there is a growing reaction against Darwin’s theory, and an acceptance among many scientists that there must have been an intelligent creative force at work.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Far from being disproved then, the Bible has stood where man’s words have not; perhaps those who retained a belief in it were not so naive after all! In fact, the events of this century show that it makes very good sense to believe the Bible. You see, at the same time as Darwin was writing down his thoughts, others, on the basis of prophecies contained in the Bible, were arguing that certain events would soon occur in the Middle East. This century has seen those events take place.
No normal book could foretell such unlikely events with such consistent accuracy and in such detail. The Bible says it can do this because it is the WORD OF GOD; can you find a better reason?!
By now you’re probably wanting concrete evidence that the Bible does contain these prophecies, and that their interpretation is clear to anyone. If you’d like to look up the following passages you’ll be able to see for yourself.

Leviticus 26 v31-33

Deuteronomy 28 v37,64-66

Jeremiah 30 v11 & 31 v10

These passages say quite clearly that if they were disobedient (which they were), the Jews would:-

  1. be scattered throughout the world.
  2. become a proverb and a byword.
  3. be hated and terribly persecuted by other nations.
  4. their land would become desolate.
  5. in spite of all this they would survive as a nation.
  6. they would be regathered again to the land of Israel.

A century ago, Bible believers could see that all these things, except for the last had happened as foretold, and argued therefore that the Jews would soon return to Israel (or Palestine as it was called then). In spite of the fact that it seemed impossible at the time, sure enough, by the end of the nineteenth century Jews were returning to the Land. Eventually, in 1948,  the Nation of Israel was re-established. Since then this tiny nation has continued to fulfil prophecy by posing a constant problem to the rest of the nations (Zechariah 12 v2-3)  and by successfully fending off attacks from states much larger than herself.

The prophets also foretold events that would overtake the capital city of the Jews. In the Old Testament, Micah said that Jerusalem would be ploughed as a field (Micah 3 v12) This was fulfilled in A.D.70 when the Romans razed the city and pulled a harrow across the site.

In the New Testament, the greatest prophet of all; the Lord Jesus Christ said that after this destruction, Jerusalem would remain in Gentile hands until eventually the Jews would repossess it (Luke 21 v24-28). He said that once the Jews regained Jerusalem we must watch because this would be a sign that he would soon return to earth to establish God’s Kingdom and to rule in righteousness and peace forever. The Jews have regained Jerusalem again, so if we’re wise we’ll prepare now for Christ’s return. (Acts 1 v11)

In summary then, the Bible has not been disproved – science, ancient history and recent events all provide evidence that it is the WORD OF GOD.

It is His message of hope to the human race and contains prophecies of the wonderful things still to happen on this earth (Isaiah 35). We can be there if we seek God now. The Bible also contains a warning though; we reject God at our peril. When he returns, Jesus will condemn to eternal death all those who have turned down God’s offer of salvation.

God’s Message of Hope

Many people find it very difficult to believe in a book which is between 2,000 and 4,000 years old. How can it be true, they say, when it’s so old?

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