Do you know anyone who can be described like this in a right, positive and true way – with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning?

It’s a phrase that gives a clear picture of someone who displays these characteristics:-

  • Constant
  • Consistent
  • Dependable
  • Unchangeable
  • Never varying.

What about our politicians? The leaders of this world would certainly not fit this criteria. Indeed we find over promising and under delivering, lots of U-turns. Very sadly, if we look abroad we find rulers who are corrupt and oppress the people they are supposed to lead. And there are stories that keep appearing of those in positions of authority acting in their own interests.

What about our friends? Many of us have friends and family that we rely on, those that we trust and share our experiences. Friendships are really important in our lives as they give us stability, a listening ear and mutual respect. It results in a care and a bond that lasts for a long time. How valuable these relationships are and we should treasure them as best we can. Yet, are they perfect? Are there times when we let each down? When I look at myself, despite every good intention, there are times when I do and say things that I regret, even with those so close to me.

Interestingly this description – in who there is no variation or shadow of turning – is a direct quote to describe the one true God, who created everything in this world. The quote is from James chapter 1 and verse 17. The apostle James explains in his letter that God is in effect constant, consistent, dependable, a God who never changes or varies. The Bible also talks of God as a Father who wishes to have a relationship with every one of us and, if we place our faith and trust in him, he will be a rock for us, no matter what we have to face in our lives.

The Bible gives us promises, certainty and hope. This not a case of maybe and they might change. The promises and hope are guaranteed for those who turn to God and try their very best to follow his principles. There are two commandments that we are given in the Bible on which hang all the God’s laws – to love God and love our neighbour.

I wonder what is your reaction to this? In the world in which we live, there are so many problems and we are all trying to adapt to life with the coronavirus. You may be asking, why does a God who is described in this way not take some action? The answer is that we will. If you would like to discuss what the Bible tells us will happen, please get in touch. If you prefer to read for yourself, the Bible has the message. To help you in your reading, there is a book we could send you (while stocks last) entitled “Life’s Biggest Questions” or there is a website which asks and answers some of these difficult questions. Both the book and website approach the subject from a different perspective.

If we can help at all, please just send us an email.

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