Discussions between atheists and Christians often end with the words “you can’t prove there’s a God” and the reply “but you can’t prove that there isn’t either”. Both of these are reasonable statements when we consider that philosophers say it’s impossible to “prove” anything other than that oneself exists. However, we tend to accept as “true” those things which have evidence to support them, even if they haven’t been “proven”; we stake our lives on them daily without a second thought. But we wouldn’t be prepared to risk our lives on the basis of something which has no evidence to support it.


We’re writing to you to suggest that the majority of people in Britain are doing just this ,when they base their lives on the view that there is no God, or that if there is, He is not interested in our lives. Although we cannot “prove” that God exists, we can provide strong evidence that this is the case, and show that there is no sound evidence against it. Moreover, if the Bible really is true, as this evidence suggests, then there is real hope of salvation from death, and to reject this in favour of an unfounded statement is, quite literally, to “throw one’s life away”.

Atheists must believe that everything everywhere is the result of millions of chance happenings, and that these happenings originated from nothing. To believe this is to believe more than many physicists; after a lifetime of study many are coming to the conclusion that there must have been an intelligent creative force behind it all. A similar view is growing among expert biologists, because as more is learned of the intricacies of living creatures, they find it impossible to accept Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

This, and other evidence which we haven’t room to discuss here shows that rather than supporting atheism as people once thought, science strongly suggests that there is a God.

But even if we agree that there was a Creator, why should we believe that this is the God of the Bible?

Unless you’ve read the Old Testament and are acquainted with the history of the Jews you will probably be unaware that many of the events experienced by this nation were foretold in the Bible. There are more details of this on the other pages of this website. The Bible says that the reason it can foretell such events is that it is the word of God, and of course, God can foretell events because He is not confined by time. Can you think of a better reason? Think about it!

Some people are sceptical of the Bible because they think it contains many contradictions. Before you stake your life on this view please check it out for yourself. You’ll find very few examples of “inconsistency” and a little honest research will soon show that even these are the result of careless reading or translation. Those who’ve really read the Bible are invariably struck by its harmony. One example of such careless reading is often used as an argument against the Bible, namely the view that the Bible says the earth is only 6000 years old, whereas geology suggests a much greater age. If you were to look into this you’d soon see that the Bible does not tell us how old the earth is.

Another main objection to the Bible is the problem of suffering. Why does God allow it if He is a God of love?  The Bible does explain this, and also promises that one day suffering will be removed from the earth. In fact, this is the theme of the whole Bible, and you’ll need to read it yourself to understand the answer fully, but here is some “food for thought”:-

The Bible says that suffering came about through disobedience to God, it also says that God wants us to love Him as He loves us. Now, if we’d been made so that we automatically obeyed God we wouldn’t have had the Free Will which is necessary for the development of love. We can see that the result of rejecting God is death and suffering for both ourselves and others. The Bible tells us that in turning to God we will find happiness and everlasting life on this earth, which will be made beautiful again. Then we will not find it difficult to please God, because having proved that we love Him, He will take away from us our natural tendency to disobey and go our own way.

Please read Psalm 72. You may feel that this sounds too good to be true, but, as we’ve seen, the evidence suggests that this will indeed happen. Please think about these things carefully and read the Bible for yourself.

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