It is clear that in some cases drug addiction, solvent abuse and alcoholism started out as ‘a bit of fun’ and then got out of hand. In other cases though, people have turned to these as a way of forgetting about their problems and finding a brief feeling of happiness. Bereavement or an inability to find a really meaningful and lasting relationship can result in terrible loneliness. Disability or unemployment can mean the abandonment of cherished dreams. These problems and many others can mean that the only way to enjoy life at all is to escape from its realities. It’s not difficult to see why people sometimes turn to drugs, is it? Maybe you’ve felt the same way.

But drugs aren’t really an escape, just a dream, and when the ‘high’ feeling fades we’re still prisoners; BUT WE NEEDN’T BE.

A way of escape from all these problems has been promised by someone who has the ability to provide it, and who wants us to let Him help because He loves us. The Bible says that God will befriend us and help us in all things if only we’ll stop turning our backs on him. Do you believe this? Have you one good reason not to believe? Please think about it.

You may find it impossible to believe that God loves you because He has allowed you to suffer so much. But maybe that’s just to make you stop and think about Him, realise your need for Him, and turn to Him. You will find that your problems won’t matter half as much when compared with the wonderful blessing He has promised. As with a child, perhaps God is being ‘cruel to be kind’. Be honest – wouldn’t you be less likely to give God a thought if your life was going fine?

On some previous pages we showed that there is nothing to prove that the Bible is false, and that the evidence of science suggests that there must have been a Creator. We saw that history and fulfilled prophecy show that the Bible is His message of hope to mankind.

Many of the accusations made against the Bible have no basis. Before you reject the Bible and the hope it offers, check it out for yourself. Be warned though; thorough atheists have done this in the past and come to the conclusion that it’s true after all! Their lives have been transformed by it’s teachings, yours could be too.

Why not begin by looking at some of the comforting words in the Bible? Some of these are well known, for example Matthew 5 v. 3 – 5

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

I wonder whether we really appreciate what is being promised. How can we ‘inherit the earth’ and how can those that mourn be comforted?

Well, from other parts of the Bible we learn that God will establish His Kingdom on this earth, with Jerusalem as the capital city (Isaiah 2. v.1 – 4, Isaiah chapter 35).
It will last forever, be peaceful and beautiful, filling the whole earth.

Some other well known words tell us that Jesus will be the king (Luke 1 v.30 – 33). Those who turn to God now and are baptised will live there and never die. This is how we can inherit the earth and how the mourners will be comforted. If we believe and our loved ones believe, we need not fear death, because if we die before Christ returns (Acts 1 v.11) we will be resurrected to this everlasting life when he comes again (I Corinthians 15 v. 20 – 28).

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But remember that all the evidence suggests that this will happen. Have you one good reason not to believe, one good reason for remaining in your prison now that Christ has set us free? (Romans 6 v.3 – 10)

Please don’t forget about this, read a bit more of the Bible – Psalm 73 then Psalm 72 perhaps.

God’s Message of Hope

Many people find it very difficult to believe in a book which is between 2,000 and 4,000 years old. How can it be true, they say, when it’s so old?

Do you believe what the Bible says?

The United Kingdom is still a nominally Christian country. But nowadays few people take any interest in the Bible or believe in the God it describes.

Is there a God?

Is there a God? How can we define “God”?  It can mean different things to different people.

Is Death the End?

There is an instinct in all of us to want to preserve our lives, to avoid death but ultimatly, we can’t escape its reality.