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An anchor

Categories: Acts, HebrewsTags: 2.7 min read

One of the recent unusual sights is the number of cruise liners anchored in the bays off the south coast of England. We know the reason why these ships are in this position and it has resulted in boat trips specifically to see the size of these enormous vessels that cater for thousands of holiday makers.

Isn’t it interesting that these liners are anchored. What then is an anchor? In its basic sense it is a pointed projection that digs into the sea bottom. It provides the vessel with some stability to avoid it falling to the mercy of the waves. It is a reliable support to ensure the ship does not float away on the waves or currents of the sea, protecting the boat, its contents and anyone on-board. The anchor does not prevent bad weather, even storms appearing – but it keeps the vessel stable.

There are only two references to an anchor in the Bible. One is in Acts chapter 27 when the preacher Paul was on a ship that weighed its anchor. The second is the reference we want to think about a little more. The writer of the letter to the Hebrews uses the anchor in a spiritual sense. If you wish to have a look at the passage, it is in chapter 6 verse 19. This verse is part of a section that starts at verse 13 and the subject of these verses is the certainty of God’s promises. The writer is encouraging his readers to hold fast to the hope that is set before them. He then describes this hope as a sure and steadfast anchor.

Therefore, the ‘hope’ which is contained in the Bible gives us some stability and support in our lives. In fact it can give us protection from the problems we see around us in the world. We are not immune from these problems, we will not be wrapped in cotton wool, but our lives will have a focus and a purpose.

So what is the hope that the Bible talks about in Hebrews. Here are just a few points:

God’s plan is that His kingdom will be setup on this earth – the Lord’s Prayer says “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.
All the problems in this world, including all suffering, will then be eliminated.
Jesus Christ will return to this earth to establish that kingdom. When he ascended to heaven (Acts chapter 1), it clearly tells us that he is coming back. Amazingly, there are around 300 references in the New Testament to the ‘return of Christ’. If you would like to receive a leaflet with these listed, please just send us an email.
The gospel message is summed up by the words of Jesus “whoever believes and is baptised will be saved”. Believing means that our understanding changes the way we live, trying to follow the example of Jesus.
Even though we die, if we truly believe the gospel, we can look forward to being raised from the dead in this coming kingdom. This is God’s invitation, it’s wonderful and is possible only by His love, grace and mercy.
If you would like to discuss anything connected with the hope in the Bible, please just get in touch.



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