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Acts: Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 of the book of the Acts of the Apostles sees the shipwrecked prisoners and their guards safely brought to the Island of Malta.
The local people gathered together to support and greet the newcomers. They watched Paul shake a viper off his arm and into the fire. Then, when he suffered no harm they thought he was a god. The ship’s passengers were entertained for three days by Publius, the island’s leader. Paul, healed Publius’s father and may other sick people. We read in Acts 28:10 that the Maltese honoured them when they left and ensured that they had what they needed.
Acts 28:11 tells us that they had been on Malta for three months. We noticed Luke, the writer of Acts, had joined them. From Acts 28:11the narrative is written in the first person. They sailed to Puteoli then went on to Rome meeting brethren on the way. These “brethren” would have been fellow Christians, baptised into Jesus’ name and so becoming sons of God and Brothers of Christ.
Acts 28:16 tells us that once in Rome, Paul was under house arrest.
Acts 28:17-20 describes Paul’s discussions with fellow Jews. He explained why he came to Rome. They reassured him that they’d had no correspondence from Judea and were interested to hear what Paul had to say.
Acts 28:23-27 we read once again what Paul said to all the Jews he met. He refers to the Prophets and the Law of Moses. Showing that Jesus was the promised Messiah.

Acts 28:28 Therefore let it be known to you that the salvation of God has been sent to the gentiles and they will hear it.

The final three verses conclude the book of Acts. The Twelve apostles and the people they taught formed a community of believers in Jesus, the promised Messiah. Many of them suffered for his sake. The community grew in number and the gospel spread through the middle east. Salvation through Jesus, the son of God was preached to the Jews first then to anyone who believed and was baptised into his name.



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