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Acts: Chapter 24

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The chapter opens with the arrival at Caesarea of the High Priest, Ananias and his Lawyer, Tertullus. The accusations against Paul were obviously false. In Acts 24:10, Paul was called to give an account of his actions. We found Acts 24:14 interesting, Paul openly admitted that he worshipped the God of the Jews “by following the Way which they (the Jewish authorities) say is false.” Moving to Acts 24:22, weread that Felix knew about the Way. We referred back to Acts 9:2 where the early Christians were also described as being “of the Way”.

Paul, like Jesus, was being falsely accused by the Jewish authorities. We assumed that Felix knew about The Way because his wife, Drusilla was Jewish. He also seemed undecided about the incident as he wanted to discuss it with Lysias, the commander.

Felix seemed interested in The Way but when Paul talked about goodness, self control and the coming day of judgement, Felix was afraid and dismissed Paul. Acts 24:26 indicates that Felix was hoping for a bribe from Paul. He waited two years but when Porcius Festus was about to succeed them, he left Paul in prison hoping to please the Jewish Authorities.



Mark 2

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Read Online: AV NIVIt was good to be back at the Bible reading group on Tuesday for the second meeting.

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