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Acts: Chapter 22

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We left Paul in chapter 21, in Jerusalem, standing on the Temple steps having been given permission to address the people. In Acts 22:1-2, Paul speaks to his fellow Jews in Hebrew. Then in Acts 22:3 – 16, Paul recounts his dramatic conversion to Christianity. It’s recorded, as you will remember, in Acts 9:1-20. We noted that whereas Jesus spoke mainly to the Jews. Paul in Acts 22:21 was sent to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles. Looking back over the account of his journeys, you’ll see that a pattern developed. If the town had a synagogue, Paul would go there first and make his acquaintance with the Jews. The Jews would listen and some would receive the good news enthusiastically and were baptised into Jesus’ name. Then he would talk to the gentiles and generally get a better response. There was a group of Jews who felt threatened by the gospel of Jesus Christ. They followed Paul on his Journeys making trouble. It was these Jews that we met in Acts 21:27.

Paul’s speech in Chapter 22 came to an end when he mentioned the Gentiles. In Acts 22:22 the crowd suddenly turned on him and the Roman Commander would have had him tortured but in Acts 22:25, Paul mentioned he was a Roman citizen. This put a different light on things particularly when in Acts 22:28, the chief captain realised that Paul had inherited his Roman citizenship whereas he had to pay for his. Instead of interrogation, Paul was once more standing before the chief priests and Jewish Council. Next time, in chapter 23 there’s more drama. Come and join us at Winton House and read with us. We’d welcome your comments.



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