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Acts: Chapter 20

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In Chapter 19, we left Paul in Ephesus having been involved in a riot. The town clerk restored order and the disciples were unscathed.The first 8 verses of chapter 20 (Acts 20:1-8) show Paul and his companions travelling from Ephesus and visiting towns in Asia and Greece. Note Acts 20:4-6. After a week in Troas, Paul organised a gathering in a three story building with galleries. They were to break bread with their brothers and sisters in Christ before continuing on their journey the following day.

In Acts 20:9-12 we were amazed that Paul preached until midnight. Poor Eutichus couldn’t keep awake and fell out off the window ledge from the top floor. Paul, through the holy spirit, brought him back to life. Then after they’d shared a meal, he carried on talking till the morning!

Paul wanted to do the journey on foot, although the others were going by boat. Perhaps he needed some time alone. They were reunited at Asos and sailed together to Miletus.

We read in Acts 20:16, Paul was eager to be in Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost,( read Acts 2:1-4) so the Elders at Ephesus were invited to Join Paul. He needed to talk to them because he knew he wouldn’t see them again.

Acts 20:17-35 tell us that Paul reminded them of the times he’d spent with them and recalled the difficulties he went through. His words of warning and encouragement to the Ephesian elders must have helped them prepare to continue the work Paul had begun.

So the chapter concludes with emotional farewells as Paul and the others continue to Jerusalem.



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