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Acts: Chapter 19

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There were very few people at Winton House for the Bible reading group this time. We recommend the experience of reading the Bible in a group, and discussing together. Anybody will be made welcome.

We read the chapter together then as we discussed, we marvelled at the miles the apostle Paul covered.

To recap, let’s look back at Acts 18:24. Apolos must have been a tremendous help. Acts 19:28 tells us that he was able to convince the Jews in Corinth that Jesus was Christ.

Meanwhile Paul had been back to Jerusalem – Acts 18:21.

Chapter 19 begins with Paul’s return to Ephesus where he met some disciples who’d only been baptized by John the Baptist. We discussed the Baptism of John, wondering why these people hadn’t received the gift of holy spirit. They’d not even heard of the holy spirit. The answer is in verse 4. John came to prepare the way for Jesus (as we read in Mark 1:7). Jesus’ Baptism is one of salvation.

In Acts 19:7-12, the disciples were preaching and debating with the people of Ephesus for over two years. Acts 19:11 interested us. God worked through Paul in a special way.

Acts 19:13-19 tell us about a group exorcists who tried heal people in Jesus name. Paul intervened and many people renounced their belief in the paranormal. Note that one piece of silver was the equivalent of a day’s wages!

From Acts 19:21 to the end of the chapter we read about one of the most dramatic events in Paul’s life. The people of Ephesus were beginning to realize that silver images couldn’t save them. The riot could have destroyed the work that the disciples had done, through the holy spirit. Order was restored though and the Christian community in Ephesus remained intact.



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