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Acts: Chapter 1

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We began our new study in Acts and we were able to make some reference back to our previous reading of Mark. We talked about who was the writer of the book of Acts and agreed that it was generally accepted that it was Luke. Acts 1:1-3 the ‘former treatise refers to his writing of the gospel of Luke. Theophilus means ‘lover of God’ and though the narrative in Acts appears to be written to an individual it is for all believers or lovers of God. Throughout the book of Acts Luke shows his meticulous research about the events that took place when he was not present. Verse 3 makes reference to the appearances of Jesus after his resurrection that we read about in Mark 16:12-14. Acts 1:4-6 There was a strong expectation at that time that the Messiah was due according to prophecy in the scriptures but the Jews were expecting Messiah to save Israel from Roman rule. Even the apostles did not fully understand the true role of the Messiah.Acts 1:7-8 Jesus does not stop the apostles from referring to the kingdom of Israel but reminds them that they are to be his witnesses just as the Israelites were God’s witnesses in the Old Testament. They are reminded of Christ’s commandment that we read in Mark 16:15, ‘Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’

Acts 1:9-11 These verses remind us that Jesus will return to the earth to set up the kingdom of God. We discussed the way that Jesus left the earth and felt that the apostles needed to actually see him being taken to be with God his Father. The apostles were able to witness the visible ending to his ministry on earth in a way that they could understand.

Acts 1:12 The Mount of Olives is not far from Jerusalem and the Jews were only allowed to walk short distances on the Sabbath hence ‘a Sabbath day’s journey.’

Acts 1:13-15 The early believers were a close knit group who met and prayed together. Luke refers to the number of disciples, at that time, as being about 120.

Acts 1:16-19 Peter reminds the disciples of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. The manner of Judas’s death was discussed and it was generally accepted that he did commit suicide.

Acts 1:20 The Jews knew their scriptures and Peter was able to quote Psalm 69:25 to remind the disciples that they needed to choose a new apostle to be one of the twelve in place of Judas.

Acts 1:21-22 In verse 22 Peter explains why there needed to be a replacement for Judas.

Acts 1:23-26 The word ‘apostle’ means ‘sent man.’ The word ‘disciple’ means ‘follower.’ So Matthias became one of those ‘sent men’ who were to be witnesses to all that Jesus said and did while he was on the earth and to preach the gospel of the coming kingdom of God.



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