A Family Of Believers

Who are we?

The Petersfield Christadelphians are a community of people who have a common faith and who live in Petersfield and the surrounding area. We meet regularly to remember the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ by eating bread and drinking wine in the way that Jesus established at the ‘Last Supper’. We hold a weekly Bible study to read and discuss various topics contained in the Bible to further enhance our understanding of the message of God.

A Bible Believing Community

The Christadelphians are a body of believers in Jesus Christ whose faith is based wholly on the Bible. The name ‘Christadelphian’ comes from two Greek words meaning ’brothers (and sisters) in Christ’ and was adopted in the 1860’s. Our aim is to live by faith in Jesus Christ, according to his teaching and those of his followers from the first century AD. We believe that those who follow Jesus and his apostles, looking for strength and forgiveness from God, may confidently place their hope in Christ’s return to the earth, when he will grant eternal life to his people and establish the long-awaited Kingdom of God here on earth. Our community is united by a core ‘statement of faith’ which was originally written in 1866 by Robert Roberts and has been revised on several occasions since. The booklet addresses our accepted bible truth, doctrines to be rejected and the commandments of Christ with biblical references. We invite you to browse our statement of faith here: The Christadelphian Office.

Psalm 121:1,2

I lift up my eyes to the mountains — where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Our Community

Christadelphian Links

We are pleased to offer a small selection of websites where you can find further reading materials that you can use to discover more about us and our beliefs. Glad Tidings is a free monthly magazine and the other sites offer a range of Bible-based material, some of which is free and some of which can be purchased.

The Christadelphian

The Christadelphian Office boasts an extensive shop as well as a huge amount of written material regarding our beliefs.


“The Christadelphians” (ALS) covers several different topics and more about us, our beliefs, locating a meeting, and other subjects.

Glad Tidings Magazine

To receive a free magazine from the Christadelphians, you will need to sign up with your email address here.

This Is Your Bible

This Is Your Bible aims to provide answers to modern issues from the bibles perspective and to provide learning materials.

Daily Bible Readings

Follow the Christadelphian Daily reading plan here. We aim to read the entire bible in a year!

Bible Education

Subscribe to free online bible courses and read a varied array of life changing bible teachings here.

Understand Your Bible

Discover the Bible message for yourself – read a chapter a day or look at Bible themes.

Life’s Biggest Questions

Explore bible based answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

Gospel Online

This website is dedicated to explaining the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Visit Chichester Christadelphians

We are a small, friendly group of Bible believing Christians who meet each Sunday in Chichester to worship God, to remember the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and to enjoy fellowship together. You are warmly invited to join us for tea and cake on Sunday afternoons at 4.15, followed by Bible Reading or a Bible based talk and discussion (there is no charge).