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Thought for September

Walking by the river and watching it flow alongside the pathway; (very slow at this time of the year).

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Thought for August

On holiday recently in France, I was lucky to be able to stand and watch the Tour de France ride through a local town. The wait had been a long one and the day very hot. As I stood by the roadside with many other people, enjoying watching the smaller children gathering the many free gifts thrown out by the cavalcade of businesses that always precedes the Tour, I thought of the way that all the cycle riders were having to travel such a long distance across tar macadam roads in that heat.

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Topical thought for July

I sit on a bench by the side of the sea: in front of me on the pavement, pass so many people, some elderly moving slowly others much younger with a spring in their step, mothers with either small children or babies in pushchairs.

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