Course – The beginning of the Christian Church told through the book of Acts

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  • Starting 23rd May 2017, on Tuesday evenings  at 7:30pm until about 8:45pm.
  • The course will run until the 25th of July 2017 God Willing
  • The course takes place at: Churchers College Ramshill, Petersfield, GU31 4AS
  • There are no charges for the course.

You will learn…

 Overview  Baptism and Conversion Third Missionary Tour
Is Acts Historically Accurate?  Jews & Gentiles at Antioch  Cities Paul visited
The Risen Christ and His Apostles  Conversion and Baptism
 First Missionary Tour  WEEK 8
 WEEK 2  Beliefs of first century (part 1)
The Church at Jerusalem WEEK 5
 The Preaching of Peter Dissension in the Early Church WEEK 9
Law of Moses and Christians Today Beliefs of first century (part 2)
 WEEK 3  Second Missionary Tour
 Organisation of church WEEK 10
Persecution WEEK 6 Paul’s journey to Rome
Christian & State  Cities visited – Athens & Corinth Paul’s teaching and Hope of Israel
Use of Old Testament in Acts   Issues – Paul’s teaching about life after death  Legacy of Apostle Paul

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