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Genesis 21 & 22

In chapter 21 we discover how difficult and unhappy a situation Sarah had created by taking affairs into her own hands ….

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Genesis 19 & 20

Chapter 19 opens with two of the three angels we read about last time, reaching Sodom. ….

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Genesis 15 & 16

Despite the rather wild weather, we had a good turn-out for our first Bible reading session of 2016 and were keen to pursue the story of Abram….

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Genesis 12 & 13

In Genesis 11 we read that, after leaving the city of Ur, Abram lived with his father Terah, wife Sarai and nephew Lot in Haran. He lived there until his father died.
Genesis 12 v 1 – 3 reminds us of the reason why Abram and his family were told to leave Ur and travel to the land of Canaan

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Thought for December 2015

Sitting on the cross channel ferry which was battling through some serious high waves I looked down at the rough angry sea….

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