Is there a point to life?

It is clear that in some cases drug addiction, solvent abuse and alcoholism started out as ‘a bit of fun’ and then got out of hand. In other cases though, people have turned to these as a way of forgetting about their problems and finding a brief feeling of happiness. Bereavement or an inability to find a really meaningful and lasting relationship can result in terrible loneliness. Disability or unemployment can mean the abandonment of cherished dreams. These problems and many others can mean that the only way to enjoy life at all is to escape from its realities. It’s not difficult to see why people sometimes turn to drugs, is it? Maybe you’ve felt the same way.

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The Bible: Why Believe it?

Without doubt, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has done much to change peoples’ view of the Bible. Before the theory was developed, most people believed that the Bible was the word of God. After the publication of ‘The Origin of Species..’ many people lost faith in the Bible. Instead of reading it for themselves, they accepted what unbelievers told them about it, especially that it was just a collection of Jewish fables.

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