There are times in our lives when the journey we are on becomes difficult and we feel the need to seek out some meaningful answers.  Many of the answers we are looking for can be found in the pages of the Bible … but where to start?

Understanding Your Bible

Click on this link to go to a great new web page with inspiring ideas to understand your Bible better.  We hope you find it useful and if you want any local advice please get in contact with us…..

Reading the Bible Effectively (postponed until further notice)

  14th April 2020

We have a regular reading group that meet at Churchers College, Ramshill on a Tuesday evening at 7.30.  Unfortunately due to the outbreak of Covid-19 we are currently unable to hold these meetings.  God Willing, we will resume them as soon as possible. In the meantime please look to our main webpage for helpful ways […]

Event Information

Introduction to our Christadelphian Community

In the link embedded into this post you will find a brief introduction to our Christadelphian community.  We hope you enjoy it and that it help you to understand a little more about our beliefs (put the sound on if you are able). With love from all at the Petersfield Christadelphian Ecclesia  vimeo.com/252492198

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Bible Reading Planner

Most Christadelphians follow a plan of Bible Reading called The Bible Companion. This plan is designed to ensure that by the end of the year you have read the whole of the Bible – the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice.  It begins with Genesis, Psalms and Matthew in January and works its […]

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What must I do to be saved?

3 phrases perhaps encapsulate The Bible Teaching on this subject – firstly Believe (in God’s Word and the Gospel as taught by his son the Lord Jesus Christ) Be baptised (into His Name by complete emersion in water) Follow in His footsteps. But I would like to look at this question from a different viewpoint […]

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